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Custom Models Support


MemoRift R2 now available for download, and includes support for your own custom 3D models (or ones created by other users) with the ability to customize them and define screens on them, check it out!


What’s coming up next

Hey Guys.

Haven’t posted anything in a while, so I’ve decided to make a quick post just to let you guys know what I’m planning for the next version of MemoRift.

Instead of adding more Device types, I’ve decided to expand MemoRift’s modularity to allow anyone to add his or hers own 3D models to their room, and set them up to function as they’d expect them to.

So, for instance, we can have custom arcade cabinets for each game, instead of a generic arcade cabinet which only allows color and button customization, as well as rare and obscure consoles and computers, decorations of any kind, lights, posters, a juke box, and anything else you can think of.

So, for MemoRift R2, I plan on adding functionality that would allow adding simple, non-functional models such as decorations, this will be the first stage which will already allow people to add more flavor and uniqueness to their room.

Subsequent releases will see more complex objects eventually allowing for complete functioning devices accepting their own media and outputting to other connected devices.

Bare in mind that 3D modeling experience will be required to be able to create new objects, but what I’m hoping is that a sort of open marketplace of MemoRift-ready objects will be created where users will share their creations for others to use by posting them in the MemoRift BBS’s Share section