MemoRift Manual – Customizing Media

Customizing Media



The defaults.ini file is a file that exists in each platform’s folder inside of the Media folder and describes default settings for all Media items of that platform.

Edit the defaults.ini file to declare default properties for all Media items of the same type, if a Media item does not override the value with its own value, then the default value will take effect, the defaults.ini file can include any property that’s described in the media.ini section below, however, it must include the following declaration:

item.model: <string> – (required) The name of the 3D model representing this item (refer to the list of available models)

noticeThe defaults.ini file should contain, at the very least, the item.model property


media.iniRooms\<Room>\Media\<Platform>\<Media Folder>\


The media.ini file is an optional file that can be placed in a Media item’s folder to override default settings for that item, to use it, either create an empty file named media.ini in the Media item’s folder, or copy an existing media.ini file from a different Media item’s folder.

Edit the media.ini file to customize a specific Media item by adding\changing one or more of the following properties:

  • item.model: <string> – The name of the 3D model representing this item (refer to the list of available models)
  • item.scale: <vector> – The x,y,z scale of the item relative to its default size, 1 being the same size, 2 being twice as large etc..
  • item.fixed: <boolean> (default: false) – Whether the item can be moved freely in the world or is fixed in place (thus requiring you to enter “Move Mode” to move it), as you can expect, Media items should not be fixed if you intend on using them inside a Device.
  • media.color: <vector> – The R,G,B color of the media, each number in the vector should be an integer between 0 and 255 (example: [255,0,0] for red)