Important Announcement

Important announcement about the MemoRift proejct



  1. Kyle Panchot

    When I play an NES game in memorift it starts my emulator but the emulator plays on my computer instead of play with in memorift. Any ideas on what I might have done wrong?


    • roylaza

      Most probably you did not set the correct title of the emulator window in config.ini, so MemoRift Bridge can’t get a handle to the emulator window, when it successfully gets the handle to the emulator window it switches the title of the window to the name of the device


      • Kyle Panchot

        I figured it out now, under devices I had to change the name of the NES folder to FCEUX because when it was named NES the bridge wanted to show the Nintendo NES folder.


      • roylaza

        Oh, I see.
        When the bridge looks for the window by its title, it will take the first one it sees, in this instance it seems to have found the windows explorer window, closing this folder would also have fixed it.


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