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Playing With Power!

New in MemoRift – Magazines!

Get all the “latest” tips, tricks and reviews in full color virtual print.

Nintendo Power, SEGA Visions, GamePro? you can virtually have them all.


Retro Magazines

For a while now, I’ve been downloading old gaming and computing magazines from the archives of RetroMags.com.

I currently have over 15 GB of magazine scans which I plan on making into virtual magazines which you can grab out of the virtual shelf and flip through, turning “real” pages over.

The list of magazines that I’m “collecting” right now is:

  1. Nintendo Power (Until issue 100) – complete
  2. SEGA Visions – complete
  3. Enter Magazine – complete
  4. Electronic Games – complete
  5. Videogaming Illustrated – complete
  6. Electronic Gaming Monthly (Until issue 66) – in progress
  7. GamePro (Until issue 77) – in progress
  8. Video Games and Computer Entertainment – in progress (although all download links seem to be broken, so this might not be happening)