Enter NES

Welcoming a new member to the MemoRift family, the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as showing off some improvements to the monitor.



  1. psuedonymous

    Nice! If you move onto the SNES, you might want look into (or may already be) Byuu’s comprehensive archive of games, cartridge, box and manual scans (and verified cartridge ROM hashes).

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    • roylaza

      Hi psuedonymous, thanks for commenting!
      I actually didn’t know about that archive, it would be a great resource for when I implement the SNES, thank you very much,


  2. Buzz

    mind = blown !

    good job !

    me and the wife have been building an 80’s video game room, complete with c64, nes, and stereo. when i got the rift I thought, it would be a good idea to build a virtual 80’s house.

    i hope you continue with this project. i can’t wait to see more videos.

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  3. Jeff Timms

    Is this a custom engine or Unity? If it is Unity how did you manage to link the monitor with the external emulators for NES and DosBox? I’ve been trying to do this for awhile for a game I have been working on and can’t figure it out. Doesn’t seem to be any info on how to do it out there.


    • roylaza

      Hi Jeff, no this is stock Unity, the monitor is actually constantly loading images captured by another component called the MemoRift Bridge, which is in charge of capturing screenshots of the emulator’s output and also (in the case of DOSBox) mounting and unmounting media, this sounds like it would be a jerky process but it actually works very well even on my aging computer.


      • Jeff Timms

        Wow I would never have guessed it was displaying individual screenshots to create the video. You must be taking a lot of screenshots per second to make it look so fluid. At least 15 a second I imagine.. It is a little noticeable in the Mario video, but not by much. Not noticeable at all for the PC! I’ll have to look in to doing something similar as soon as I figure out how to even screen capture another programs output running in the background. I’ve also been looking in to maybe streaming the video output somehow similar to a webcam stream. You could probably make some good money selling that component on the unity marketplace! I don’t think there is anything else like it out there yet. Excellent work!!


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