MemoRift Manual – Adding Publications

Adding PublicationsRooms\<Room>\Media\PUB\

In MemoRift, a publication is simply another type of Media and should therefore be placed in the Media folder of the Room it should appear in, under the PUB folder.

  1. Inside the PUB folder, create a folder for each of the publications you wish to add to the room
  2. In each of these folders, create a folder named Content, and put all of the scanned images of the publication inside it.
  3. You can give each publication custom attributes by adding\editing the media.ini file in the same way you would customize any other Media item.

noticeMake sure all scanned images are in the same aspect ratio relative to each other, you might find that one or more images contain two pages side by side, these will need to be separated into two images.


So, an example structure of the PUB folder is:

  • Rooms\Room1\Media\PUB\
    •  nintendo_power_01
      • nintendo_power_01_001.jpg
      • nintendo_power_01_002.jpg
      • nintendo_power_01_003.jpg
      • nintendo_power_01_004.jpg
    • sega_visions_01
      • sega_visions_01_001.jpg
      • sega_visions_01_002.jpg


Blank Publication PageFiles\BlankPublicationPage.png


Even though a publication might have hundreds of pages of articles, posters, tips, and top 10 lists, MemoRift will represent it in the 3D world using only 3 virtual pages, that’s 6 scanned images total, and will replaced these images around when the publications is flipped through, this allows for a large library of publications with a minimal memory commitment.

Since there are 6 pages available at any given time, the system requires an even number of scanned images to be available, since this is not always the case, MemoRift will add a blank page for odd-numbered publications and will place it just before the last two images (comprising the last page), so that the back cover keeps its original front and back images.

The image that will be used by MemoRift resides in the Files folder and is named BlankPublicationPage.png (by default, a small black image), you can edit this image in a graphics software if you wish, keeping the filename unmodified.

noticeIf a certain odd-numbered publication has a two page spread that gets messed up by the blank page, you can manually add another image inside the publication’s Content folder in a less obtrusive position, that would make the publication even-numbered and MemoRift will not need to add a blank page.