MemoRift Arcade! – Insert Coin

Showing off the MemoRift Arcade, come on over and play the classics, we’ve got street fighter, golden axe, bubble bobble and more!



  1. Craig Booth

    Awesome progress, you really are making me miss my 80s childhood, which i spent most of my time in the arcades rather than school! Is there anyway you can get the arcade control panel overlays on those cabinets? I think that would be the icing on the cake in terms of authenticity. Oh and having the odd goliath cab in there would be too good to be true 🙂


    • roylaza

      Thanks Craig, I thought about control panel overlays but it would be too difficult to make them look nice on a generic arcade machine, as each arcade cabinet had different shape and size for the control panel.


    • roylaza

      I believe that what I’ll do eventually is allow users to create their own models and then it would be possible to have a unique model for each arcade game, but for now I want MemoRift to be accessible to everyone using generic models (obviously for consoles its a lot easier to justify as there is only one model needed per console 🙂 )


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