MemoRift Manual – Wildcards


Some values (such as the emulator exec and mount\unmount commands) support wildcards, which are strings that get replaced by MemoRift with dynamic data, these strings are listed below:

  • %FILENAME% – The full path to the rom’s filename (example: d:\memorift\rooms\room1\media\nes\Content\mario.nes)
  • %CONTENT_PATH% – The full path to the Content folder of the Media\Device (example: d:\memorift\rooms\room1\devices\pc1\Content\)
  • %PATH% – The full path to the root of the Media\Device (example: d:\memorift\rooms\room1\devices\pc1\)
  • %DRIVE_LETTER% – The drive letter of the drive that the Media has been inserted into – mostly useful for PCs (example: A)
  • %DEVICE_NAME% – The name of the device (ie: it’s folder name) – mostly useful for MAME where the name of each arcade Device is the name of the rom to load (example: goldnaxe)