MemoRift Manual – General


Value types


Throughout the MemoRift Manual, the type of value required by a property is denoted by angular brackets ( < > ), here is an explanation of each one:

  • <int> – An integer (whole) number, either positive or negative. example: 1
  • <string> – Any combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks, example: IBM5150_PC
  • <boolean> – A boolean value can either be true or false, no other value can be used
  • <point> – A set of two real numbers encapsulated in square brackets and seperated by a comma, example: [100, 50.3]
  • <vector> – A set of three real numbers encapsulated in square brackets and seperated by commas, example: [255, 0, 0]

noticePlease note: some properties, such as the media.color property, accept a point or a vector value but expect each number in the set to be an integer


The file is a file used internally by MemoRift to record object’s position\rotation in the room, it is not required to edit this file manually and it will be automatically created by MemoRift if it doesn’t already exist, but should you need to manually edit it, its content is documented below:

  • item.position: <vector> (default: [0,0,0]) – The X,Y,Z position of the object in the room
  • item.rotation: <vector> (default: [0,0,0]) – The X,Y,Z rotation of the object

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