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Hey Guys.

Haven’t posted anything in a while, so I’ve decided to make a quick post just to let you guys know what I’m planning for the next version of MemoRift.

Instead of adding more Device types, I’ve decided to expand MemoRift’s modularity to allow anyone to add his or hers own 3D models to their room, and set them up to function as they’d expect them to.

So, for instance, we can have custom arcade cabinets for each game, instead of a generic arcade cabinet which only allows color and button customization, as well as rare and obscure consoles and computers, decorations of any kind, lights, posters, a juke box, and anything else you can think of.

So, for MemoRift R2, I plan on adding functionality that would allow adding simple, non-functional models such as decorations, this will be the first stage which will already allow people to add more flavor and uniqueness to their room.

Subsequent releases will see more complex objects eventually allowing for complete functioning devices accepting their own media and outputting to other connected devices.

Bare in mind that 3D modeling experience will be required to be able to create new objects, but what I’m hoping is that a sort of open marketplace of MemoRift-ready objects will be created where users will share their creations for others to use by posting them in the MemoRift BBS’s Share section



  1. André Duus

    Hi Roy, i Finally managed to test the demo – and it works very well … Good job! When the emulators starts – i’m beeing “ported” to its original Windows and has to manually switch (tab) back into MemoryRift – can I avoid this? It would be super if the publications supported pdf and cbr files (scanned comic books .. just a compressed archive with jpgs).


  2. roylaza

    Hi Andre.

    Thanks for trying out the demo (there’s a new one out by the way)
    The switching to the emulator is, at this point, a must, because the emulator window needs to be able to capture all the keystrokes to allow you to play, there are a few emulators that allow background input, such as FCEUX, and for these emulators it is possible to have MemoRift in focus and still play.

    In the next version, I’ll add an option to define, per emulator, if MemoRift Bridge should return focus back to MemoRift once it launches the Emulator, and this will allow for a more seamless experience for emulators that support it.


  3. André Duus

    Hi Again Roy, I’m having a hard time configuring the mame arcade emulator. It won’t accept my commandline? (can’t find the ROM). I’m unable to find any mame.exe (including the newest mame32 plus) version that accepts to be executed outside its folder with a parameter to the rom…. It only works if i’m located (in a cmd-promt) in the actual mame folder…. The I can run the eg. mame64p.exe bomjack -etc -etc -etc …. ?? I’m using your R2-beta btw…. Good job!


  4. roylaza

    Hi Andre

    Basically, the way the arcade cabinets work right now is that the rom is taken from the folder name, that’s to prevent the need to define the rom name for each cabinet separately.

    So, that folder should be named bomjack, and the config should look something like this:
    emulator.mame.exec: “D:\Games\Emulation\Arcades\mame32p d:\games\emulation\arcades\roms\%DEVICE_NAME% -skip_gameinfo -window -resolution 640×480”

    Where the complete path to the roms folder is also given,and %DEVICE_NAME% stands for the rom

    If all of the above is set up correctly and it still doesn’t work, please zip up your config.ini and rooms folder and upload them somewhere, then send me a link so that I can check it.


      • roylaza

        Yes, that line is actually what I use on my end.
        It should be possible to run a batch file instead and change the directory before running mame, something like

        cd \path\to\mame
        mame32 %1 -skip_gameinfo -window -resolution 640×480

        Then set:
        emulator.mame.exec: “c:\path\to\run_mame.bat %DEVICE_NAME%″

        Once I get home I’ll let you know which version I’m using, maybe there’s something different between my version and yours in the way it handles paths


      • roylaza

        Hi Andre.

        So, my version is MAME32 CLASSIC EDITION 0.96+

        It’s got a little pacman giving a thumbs up for an icon

        Hope this helps

        EDIT: I think it might be something with the directories configuration in mame, try launching mame and going to options->directories then setting up the ROMs path there


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