MemoRift Manual – Adding Devices

Adding DevicesRooms\<Room>\Devices\

To add a new Device:

  1. Create a new folder inside the Rooms\<Room Name>\Devices\ folder, so, for instance, an NES should be put in Rooms\Room1\Devices\NES\ this folder then becomes the Device’s name – this is important because you’ll use that name to refer to this Device, for instance, to connect it to another Device (as in with the case of a Console and a Monitor)
  2. Create an empty file named device.ini in the folder, or copy an existing device.ini file from a different Device item into the folder
  3. (For PC only)  Create a Content folder inside the Device’s folder and add any files you wish to be available in the PC’s virtual hard drive into that folder, in addition, you’ll need to add a startup.bat and a mrmount.bat files into that folder, refer to the Configuring DOSBox section for more information.

So, continuing our example from above, the NES Device folder (Rooms\Room1\Devices\NES\) should have this structure:

  • device.ini

noticeIf you’ve created an empty device.ini file, you must edit it to atleast add the item.model property, refer to the Customizing Devices page for more information.