MemoRift Manual – Adding Media

Adding MediaRooms\<Room>\Media\

To add a new Media item:

  1. Create a new folder inside the Rooms\<Room Name>\Media\<Platform>\ folder, so, for instance, Super Mario Bros. should be put in Rooms\Room1\Media\NES\Mario\
  2. Place an image file named label.png in the folder, this will be used as the label of the Media item, you should name the image label.png even if it’s not a PNG image, but PNG images are recommended as they permit transparency which is useful in the case of rounded corners on the label.
  3. Create a folder named Content inside of the folder and put the Media’s file(s) in it:
    1. For floppy disks, this should be all the files and folders that you’d expect to be contained inside the disk and used in the virtual PC when the disk is inserted into one of its virtual drives.
    2. For console cartridges, this should be just a single file that is accepted by the relevant emulator (examples include: .nes, .sms, .bin, .zip)
    3. For publications, this should be all the scanned pages, the file names are not important as long as they are sorted alphabetically in the way you want them to appear in the publication (numbered pages recommended), first and last files being the front and back covers respectively.

So, continuing our example from above, the Super Mario Bros’s Media folder (Rooms\Room1\Media\NES\Mario\) should have this structure:

  • Content\
  • label.png

This will create a new item using the default settings for its type and placed at position 0,0,0 in the Room, you can then re-position the item in the room. To customize the item, refer to Customizing Media