MemoRift Manual – Configuring DOSBox

Configuring DOSBox

DOSBox requires a bit more configuration in order to function properly:



Create a startup.bat file inside of the Content folder of your PC Device (example: Rooms\Room1\Devices\PC1\Content\), add any command you’d like to run once DOSBox has started and mounted the Content folder, for example, you can run a file manager such as Norton Commander.



Create an empty file named mrmount.bat inside of the Content folder, this file will be edited by MemoRift with DOSBox commands when you insert or remove diskettes from the virtual PC’s drives and then run it by injecting a command into DOSBox, this file has to exist when DOSBox mounts the filesystem, DOSBox will not recognize a newly created file after mount.

noticeIn order for MemoRift to be able to inject commands into DOSBox, a command prompt needs to be available, this can be either the DOS command prompt, or a command prompt available from a file manager such as Norton Commander or DOS Controller, you’ll need to make sure you are in such a mode when inserting or removing diskettes.