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Custom Models Support


MemoRift R2 now available for download, and includes support for your own custom 3D models (or ones created by other users) with the ability to customize them and define screens on them, check it out!


MemoRift BBS

One of the things that I’m hoping MemoRift will create, is a community of people that share custom MemoRift content and help each other with the application, but also share memories and discuss the subject matter that MemoRift deals with, namely, nostalgia – or more specifically nostalgia related to technology and media of years past.

So, today I’ve decided to kickstart MemoRift BBS which is linked in the menu above, and also here.

Don’t hesitate to drop by and start a conversation about your favorite game or console, or share your memories of the Arcades, maybe your head is full of vague images of games that you want to track down but don’t know the names – there’s a forum for that too.