Custom Models Support


MemoRift R2 now available for download, and includes support for your own custom 3D models (or ones created by other users) with the ability to customize them and define screens on them, check it out!



  1. Craig Booth

    Good stuff, and fast progress also. However I’ve still not managed to be able to even put a cartridge in the NES. I can pick it up, but can’t turn it and place it in the console.


  2. roylaza

    Hey Craig.

    As the demo room is set up, you’ll need to hold onto an NES cartridge for 2 seconds (after 2 seconds the move mode changes automatically) and than move your mouse down to move it out of the shelf, then hold down E and drag up to move it up toward the open NES and it should slide into place

    Let me know if this still doesn’t work for you.


  3. Rescue Gamer

    Amazing project man, i really love it, when is going to have oculus rift support? I0m really looking for that in order to make a video of the project in my youtube channel and publish it, keep with that awesome work and bring us RV support 🙂


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