1,000 views, site design, logo, and manual

logo_animHey Guys.

Well, MemoRift has been getting some nice exposure the last couple of days, largely thanks to this post on reddit, but also from other sources popping up around the net, the latest YouTube video about the NES has gotten over 5,000 views and the site has gotten its fair share too, as well as many new YouTube subscriptions, so things are moving along nicely and its nice to learn that people are excited and interested.

Now that MemoRift’s becoming more complex, I’ve decided to start documenting its configuration and processes on the site, you’ll notice a new Manual section in the menu above, and actually, while you notice the menu, you might realize that the entire site has had a change of design, and the Manual is one reason for it, as the previous theme, retro as it was, was pretty nasty as far as reading a lot of text goes.

Lastly, I’ve created a brand new icon for MemoRift shown here with a nice “screen light” flicker effect.

More good things and announcements coming soon… stay tuned.



  1. Kyle Panchot

    I came across this site via your youtube video. I am super excited for the work you are doing here. I have been dreaming of vr sense the early 90s and having a huge nostalgic streak, this project captures the essence of one of the main things I would like to do with it. It makes me want to quit my job and came help you! 😉

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