BBSes and how they would fit in MemoRift

Although it was alive for a relatively short period of time, the BBS era was one that I feel very fondly about, the mystery and excitement of logging into a new BBS for the very first time, not knowing what and who you’ll find there, and being a part of this technological breakthrough in computer networking which we now take for granted, coupled with the unique artistic aesthetics that ASCII and ANSI art brought with them to create a very memorable experience.

For MemoRift, I want to simulate that same feeling, by creating several BBSes of different design dealing with different content (games, hacking, art etc..) and each BBS will be populated by messages imported into it from the great archive at

You’ll be able to log in to these BBSes via a mock-up terminal program complete with dial-up connection sounds which will then proceed to open up the BBS software in local mode and allow you to browse the messages in that BBS.

I might even hide the number for the “hacking” BBS in a message in another BBS and have it like a kind of an easter egg, and only once you add the number to the terminal program will you be able to access that BBS.



    • roylaza

      Hi jas, thanks for commenting.
      It’s true that it wouldn’t be the same, but, for me at least, I like the idea of being able to read historic messages and articles presented in the way they were originally presented, I assume it would appeal to a few more people.

      And in any case, this is just a part of the entire MemoRift experience.


  1. Kyle Panchot

    I love the idea! I look around for copies of retro webpages and bbs’ just to look at them sometimes. I would love to be able to do it from an old school bedroom on a simulated modem.

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